Boinx Setup for New User

I am new to BoinxTV and am having a hard time getting a camera feed in the Boinx software.

I am running a new iMac, with a thunderbolt cable connected to the UltraStudio Mini Recorder which is connected via HDMI to a Canon Vixia HV40 camera.

Can somebody help me get my video feed?

Hi, we have the same setup here. Make sure you have installed the latest Blackmagic Desktop Video Drivers (v9.7.5 a of today). In System Preferences select the Desktop Video section and make sure HDMI in is selected instead of SDI.
In BoinxTV select 1080i50 or 60 (depending on the model you have) as the device in the source.

Thanks for the prompt reply! I’ll be checking on these settings today.

On an unrelated note, I am also having problems with my license. I’ve downloaded the Boinx software and entered all of my license information, but each time I open the software, I am prompted to enter my license information again. I am able to enter the first two fields of information, but the license # box shows the first several digits of my number in gray text and I’m unable to type in the box. Do you have any suggestions for fixing this issue?

Thanks again!

Regarding the license issue: The gray text is just a sample text, so that the users know what to put in there (by chance its the beginning of your licenses code too).

If you have to enter the licenses over and over again, I guess there is a problem of storing the license in the proper location on the harddisk. Please open the “Console” application by Apple to see error logs of your system. Now try to enter the licenses again and watch the log output. Is there some suspicious output regarding this issue? Any file violations? Denys? Exceptions?

Again, thanks for the prompt reply! I just entered in the license key.

I’m attempting to select either the 1080i 50 or 1080i 60 options in Boinx, but I am seeing that both of these options are “Not Currently Available”. Under “Video Devices,” I have “Blackmagic” and "FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in) showing as being “Connected”. I do not currently have a video feed to Boinx.

Don’t worry about that, BoinxTV “activates” the first device it sees. One you only select another one, it will switch to this one. I’d recommend opening BlackMagic Media Express first to figure out if the Box sees the input at all. Like this you can easily find out what input resolution you need.