I was wondering if anyone has has issues with Boinx shutting down as you are adding pictures or during a broadcast. Today my program shut down three times and required a full reboot to get it back up and running.

I guess you were talking about BoinxTV, so I moved it to the appropriate category.
Do you have any crashlogs you can share with If BoinxTV crashes, either the System ran out of RAM or something with a hardware component went wrong. Crashlogs and a system profile will help us and you figure out what happened.

When the system crashed (and it did again today) it was broadcasting over our schools tv system. The crash report only appeared on the TV screen, not the computer screen. I feel like the resolution of the photos we added to the program might be the issues - we are going to try to reduce the resoultion, add them to the Boinx program and see if that helps