Boinx iStopMotion 2.8.2 beta 1 is out

While not a final solution, we have managed to get still camera support working again for 10.6.8 and OS X Lion. Right now there are 2 caveats:

  1. make sure your memory card is initially empty
  2. set your camera to shot only RAW or JPG but not both.
    Get details and software here:


It still doesn’t work with the latest beta version. I have Canon 5d Mark II and 10.6.8. I have same error as I had with the last version.I have spend $99 for a product that doesn’t work.

Please can you explain how to get a refund? Honestly, I’m bit surprised. Why Canon can make a software product that is working correctly connecting to my camera including live preview and you have so many problems and fix it.

Kind regards from a disappointed user.

Canon uses their very own frameworks, as almost all camera manufacturers do. We use Apples frameworks, which caused this incompatibility since Apple changed technical aspects in the backround with the release of 10.6.8. We were neither warned nor did we have any clue that this would happen again.
We are working on a solution at the highest priority. If you don’t want to give us the change to fix this issue that we are not to blame for, you can of course get your money back. Please let us know where you have purchased iStopMotion from.

I have downloaded a trial version from Dragon Stop Motion and I was able to connect directly to camera and have live view. I will continue with their software.

I would like to know how to get a refund. I have bought your software through the Boinx Software Store powered by FastSpring.

Kind regards,

Dragn looks horrible, depressing and is way to complicated in my opinion

Please note that we posted a new beta that supposedly works as advertised.

As explained by Rudolf our issue is that Apple keeps changing the frameworks that we 3rd party developers can use to ‘talk to’ still cameras in ways that makes our product incompatible just about every single release. Rest assured that we dislike this situation at least as much as you do.

Nevertheless we once again put lots of effort into providing you with a working solution for all system versions, ranging from Leopard (10.5.8) to Lion (10.7).

Get details and software here:

The beta works fine here, no timeout with my Canon anymore! Thanks!

@eldiabolo: Great to hear, thanks for the feedback!