Boinx and Decklink 4K for CG

Hi, guys, I’m looking at purchasing BoinxTV. I’ll be using it to send CG to my ATEM Switcher.

I’ve downloaded Boinx but I can’t figure out how to get an output from Boinx and point to the direction of my 4k.

we’re doing similar stuff. We take the lightning output to DVI, then convert with a black magic to HDSDI. Since BOINX will not output an KEY signal, we generally do our graphics over RED and use the ATEM chromakey feature. Hope that helps.

That sounds great to connect with someone trying the same thing as me. Unfortunately I don’t visit here often (I’ve just enabled facebook notifications so I should get a notice of any replies0 but to respond to your reply, since you’re keying your red, that should mean you cannot use any red in your graphics, right?

I am wondering since I’m using Blackmagic for my most hardwares and Softron on Mac now for software (now) and look for better options for:

  1. Blackmagic ATEM Switcher’s Chroma features (which are very basic)
  2. Stronger CG features that Softron’s OnTheAir CG don’t offer. It NEEDS to communicate to Softron Manager through GPI.