Boinx 1.8 Keying - edge blocking

Boinx 1.8 running on a core i7 MBPro.
Canon XH-A1 camera running DV (480x24p) into the laptop.

Using both the basic and “Pro” keyer, the key is reasonably clean but the edges have some seriously bad blocking. Any suggestions on how to get clean edges? Edges look perfectly fine unkeyed.

Also, anybody using the Veescope keyer or any other keyer with Boinx? Overall, I’m underwhealmed by the keying - as is the client I am pitching this to.

Many thanks for prompt responses - I have a demo session tomorrow.

Can you please do a quick raw recording of some footage in front of the green screen in e.g. Quicktime player and upload it someplace so we can take a look?

Update: The Veescope keyer works MUCH, much, much better than the native Boinx keyer. Still some edge blocking, but nowhere near as bad and also has some better edge control. Still not a great keyer, in the world of keyers, but its mostly acceptable.

Tech Note: if you order the Veescope keyer, you will need to contact their support desk to get a link for the Boinx plugin. It is not included in their regular installer package. They were very fast to respond to my inquiry, big kudos to them. We’ll worth the very modest price they charge for the keyer.