BM Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt: Chroma key from HDMI?

So, we’re looking at picking up the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt and we’ve heard good things with it working with BoinxTV. But can you do chroma key when capturing HDMI? Has anybody tried this? I don’t know if it’s capturing with enough color information to do it well.

short answer is yes, the key seems to work ok. the lighting is the big issue. the capture box runs with my camera, a Canon HF-10 @ 1080i, 59.97 fps, 8 bit color & does good. but my issue has been not enough lights to fill in all the shadows. you’ll also want to lock the aperture down on the cam, i.e. run in aperture priority mode.

Awesome, thanks. That’s the exact same camera we’re using. We’ve got a fairly nice lighting setup and for the event we’re planning the subject should be pretty far from the screen, so shadows shouldn’t be too much of an issue.