Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder AND iStopMotion

Hello and a happy New Year to all of you!
My problem:
I tried the iStopMotion 3.6 feature of capturing a LiveView via USB from a Canon EOS 700D. Sadly with very mixed result. The signal ingested into a MBP (3 different models tried, running the latest OS X available) got lost every few minutes, or the time required to capture a single frame went from 3 seconds to almost a minute. As soon as i paused the animation process for 5 minutes or so, the camera got unresponsive. There was no way to get the signal back. I had to reboot everything and create a new movie file to work with. As this was very disappointing…

May question:
Can i use a Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder to capture the HDMI signal? I know it’s the way you work with BoinxTV.