Blackmagic UltraStudio crashes application - Mavericks?

I’ve just bought a Mini Recorder from Blackmagic with the hope that I’ll be able to use my Sony EX3 to record a live screen presentation with the video feed picture in picture with the slides. I can’t get the BoinxTV application to open with the Mini Recorder plugged in via Thunderbolt, it keeps crashing. I’m running Mavericks on a newish Macbook Pro. Any help would be most appreciated.

make sure you have the latest drivers from blackmagic design installed, they had another update recently. also are you using an older project file with layers that contain javascript?

Thanks for reply. All seems up to date I think. RE Project file, I can’t even get as far as creating the project file without it crashing… it won’t even open with the Mini Recorder attached.

@mediaman: please, can you send some crashlogs to support(at) with reference to this forum thread and a request the crashlogs to be reviewed by me? Thanks!

Hi Achim, I’ve just sent it over now. Any help would be great! Chris

@medianman: Thanks for the crashlog. It shows a lot of JavaScript going on, and this was one of the biggest crashing issues for BoinxTV some times ago. Thats way we removed all JavaScript code. Unfortunately the old layers containing JavaScript code you are using are stored inside the BoinxTV document for backward and future compatibility reasons. This is how you can make sure BoinxTV will exchange the layers with new ones:

  • Find your BoinxTV document in Finder
  • Make a duplicate of it just in case something goes wrong!
  • Right click on the original document to get the context menu
  • Select “Show Package Contents”. Finder will jump into the document and present you some folders and files.
  • Navigate into the “Layers” folder
  • remove all the files in here by moving them to the trash. (Those files are stored here for backward compatibility)
  • Now try to open the document with BoinxTV again. BoinxTV will add the newest layer files once you save the document again.
  • Examine carefully your document in BoinxTV if you miss a layer or any settings

However the crash actually happens inside the CoreMedia IO QuickTime bridge when trying to access a string resource in a QuickTime Component bundle with the call “CFBundleCopyLocalizedString”. My believe is that you have a certain QuickTime component installed which misses some resources the QuickTime bridge expect to be there (maybe due to changes in Mavericks).

Unfortunately this is something either you nor we can fix. My suggestion is try to figure out which QuickTime component this is (by removing one after each other and run a test) and ask the vendor for an update.