Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K HDMI PCI Express Capture Card

Hi. I have a Canon EOS-M that doesn’t support Live Capture OOTB, but it does have an HDMI out. Just wondering if it would work with iStopmotion if I install a Blackmagic Intensity Pro Capture Card to my Mac PC? I read your important disclaimer on the compatible cameras page about HDMI cameras, but the Blackmagic card is made to work with both Windows and Mac. Just wondering if such a capture card is compatible with iStopmotion. Thanks much for your time. Be blessed today. Cheers.

Yes, we’ve found the Blackmagic Design devices to be compatible with iStopMotion on the Mac.

Great, thanks. Good to know. Q: Do you mean ALL of the Blackmagic Design devices, including the Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder Capture Device? I ask because one can grab one of these for about 140 bucks, as opposed to buying a new DSLR. Also, wondering if the Blackmagic capture devices will work with ANY camera with HDMI out. I have both a Canon EOS-M and a PowerShot SX40 HS, both of which have HDMI outs. Might I be able to capture to istopmotion from these cameras, and would I still be able to use onion-skinning? Thanks again for your time and input. My sons LOVE iStopmotion, and I want them to be able to continue using it as we transition from webcams to still cameras/dslrs.