Blackmagic Intensity Extreme and Boinx TV

Hello there,

I just purchased Blackmagic Intensity Extreme with Thunderbolt connection in order to use it with BoinxTV on my MacBook Air (Mid 2011).
The Intensity Extreme is detected by BoinxTV, there appear several camera sources provided by the Intensity Extreme (various resolutions, PAL, …) in the preference pane of BoinxTV.

But if I create a layer with the Intensity Extreme as a camera source (— the Intensity Extreme is connected to an Apple TV 2nd generation via HDMI —) and toggle that layer live, then I only get a black image and nothing else. In QuickTime, the camera source is visible without problems.

Is BoinxTV not compatible with the Intensity Extreme?
Or am I doing something wrong?


To be honest, we don’t have an IE here but hear from customers that it works.

Please make sure the right input is selected in the BMD system preferences pane. Then you also need to make sure that the right resolution & fps is selected as the device (that’s at least what is required for a normal Intensity). for an AppleTV, I normally select 720p50 or 60 and it works fine.

Hi Bastian,

thank you for your help. I selected 720p50 in the video settings of my Apple TV, reinstalled the drivers of the Blackmagic Intensity Extreme (latest version 9.1) and now it’s working fine.

I’m still playing with mine to see how it looks. hooked up to another mac via HDMI adapter & pulled in the desktop in mirror mode. had to fiddle a bit with Boinx, as I was also pulling in a camera feed with my Matrox mini via expresscard… it did wind up actually working!

I am using a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme connected via Thunderbolt to my Macbook Pro. I have no problem recording in Final Cut directly from my Canon Vixia HFS200 connected via HDMI to the Blackmagic. I have tried various configurations including setting the Blackmagic to downconvert to NTSC. No matter what I try, I get a black image, nothing else. I have been very careful to make sure the frame rates and resolution match between the camera, the Blackmagic system pref settings, and the BoinxTV canvas settings. Any ideas?