Blackmagic duo

Hello i have a macpro. Wich card of blackmagic is working with mimo live for dsl fill and mask? two decklink extreme hd or extrem 3d or decklink duo?


I have a macpro 5.1, with 2 decklink’s duo and 1 minirecorder, working very fine

Thanks, is necesary two cards for fill and key? Please refere to this PDF, where we listed the Black Magic Design hardware devices which are capable of key&fill output:

  • UltraStudio 4K
  • UltraStudio 4K Extreme
  • UltraStudio 4K Extreme 3
  • UltraStudio Express
  • DeckLink Duo
  • DeckLink Duo 2
  • DeckLink 4K Extreme

You only need one of those devices. Two separate devices won’t work because the key and fill signal needs to be synchronised.