blackmagic audio delay

Our new mac pro tower is capturing HDMI video and audio using a Blackmagic ultrastudio mini recorder. The audio is significantly (~2 seconds) behind the video, so using the audio delay only makes problem worse, and I have matched the audio/midi utility specs. BoinxTV captures perfectly sync’d audio using every other device, and the Blackmagic works perfectly using it’s own capure utility. Why doesn’t it work with BoinxTV? I have also contact Blackmagic support and they are satisfied that their device works.
I’ve experienced the same issue using a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme capture device with a 2013 iMac as well.
Thank you.

I had this issue once, after a system reboot it was fixed.

I assure you I have rebooted countless times and there is no change. Is there no other help? I have your recommended device (ultrastudio mini recorder) with multiple machines and have tried multiple solution and nothing changes. b-(

After much consternation on this issue, I think I may have finally found the answer.

My setup is: Sony HDR-XR160 connected to UltraStudio Mini Recorder connected via Thunderbolt to my MacBook Pro 15" (though the type of Mac doesn’t seem to matter), recording at 720p, 59.94. When using the audio from the camera, there was a massive delay in audio, and addressing the issue through the Audio Midi Setup app didn’t help because there were no other options in the ‘Format’ field beyond 48kHz for the BlackMagic Device.

So here’s the solution that worked for me: in Boinx, I changed the Main Camera source Video Device to 10-bit instead of 8-bit. I couldn’t believe it worked, but as soon as I switched it, the audio delay was gone and everything synced up like it should.

I literally just discovered this, so further testing is needed, but I wanted to get the word out in case others were wrestling with it as much as I have.