black screen

i would like to use boinxTV for a live-musicvideo-show. i know that boinxTV is not specially designed to present videos, but because the concept perfectly works for me, i would like to do it anyway.
but i do have a problem: from time to time, when i want show a video, there is sound but no video… even though it was working properly just minutes before… most of the videos i use are mp4. anybody else experiencing the same issue?
hardware: macbook pro (mid 2011) 8gb ram, AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphiccard (1gb ram)

  1. Does the problem persist when using a different video codec?
  2. What type of layer are you using to present the videos?

i had the idea of different codecs too, but it seems to happen without any pattern… all of my videos are mp4s. i use simple “placer” layer for the videos.

I too have an issue when I start a video a large and annoying beep occurs and it pause momentarely.

@cnelson Is this happens always with the same movie file? Or is it a random issue? If it is a certain file, please try to re-encode to another video codec.