Black Magic Design- Mini Recorder and Intensity Shuttle connection

Intensity Shuttle only shows up as Audio source when used in conjunction with mini recorder. On the list of source only MiniRecorder thunderbolt show but no Intensity Shuttle shows on the video source. HELP?

got it. finally figured out it was not showing exact name, I just did a process of elimination narrowing down all the BlackMagic camera option.

In the BoinxTV 2 beta, they show up as the correct name, & then the video input setting is a separate dropdown. Very handy.

Is there a way to get rid of all those camera option on the menu list that’s not being used, under the sources panel?

Still not able to see two MiniRecorder thunderbolt via SDI camera(Sony Ex3 ). Only one shows up in combination with Intensity Shuttle via HDMI camera (Sony Fs100). HELP?

How to make two Black Magic MiniRecorder -thunderbolt via SDI camera shows in the camera sources list selection inside BoinxTv version 1.9.3