Black magic design decklink extreme 3d ?

I just got boinx tv for a brand new Mac pro and a black magic decklink extreme 3d card. I can’t seem to pull up any video when out jvc gyhm700 camera is connected to the HS-SDI. I have two of these cameras and a small handheld with hdmi I want to run through the decklink for multi camera live Hd shoots. Any help would be appreciated.

We don’t have A Decklink Extreme 3D here but heard from customers that is works.
Please make sure you have the latest BlackMagic Drivers installed and the correct input set in the drivers. As as we know you can only use one camera at a time through the Extreme 3D.

That would then be a problem. I need to use multiple cameras to make this work. Thank you.

So how do I work with multiple HD cameras?

Hi Clay,

I have been able to handle multiple cameras using 3 BlackMagic Intensity Pro PCI cards into one Mac Pro, but there are some caveats though. Your video sources must be de-interlaced as the deinterlace function of the cards doesn’t seams to work. Also, the outputs of the cards works erratically, especially when the conversion from one video standard to an other is activated.

In short, use good 16:9 cameras with progressive mode, connect them using HDMI or components cables, and all will be ok.