BigSur & Fotomagico

Big Sur is due to be released tomorrow. Has FotoMagico been thoroughly tested on the betas? I have several projects in hand and do not want to upgrade until I can be sure all is working well!

@Londinense Our tests so far have not revealed any serious issues. But you should hold off on upgrading until you’re done with your projects or at least until Apple releases the first updates.

On the whole it is working fine, but I have just found one bug. When I get info on a slide, using option I, Fotomagico quits.

Thank you for reporting this. Is that with the most recent version 5.6.14?

Yes it’s the latest version. I have sent the Apple crash log to support.

Thanks for sending the Crash Log.

Same problem posted on nov 27.

Running now Big Sur 11.1 Beta with FM 5.6.14, still same issue as reported late October w.r.t using option I.

FM 5.6.14 is on the way.
But in the download section there is only 5.6.13 from jan 20

Try going to – you should be able to find it there.

three days before, the page was ok,

But today the page is missing.

It’s there when I click on the link! (Safari on Mac OS 11.1)

mine keeps crashing after I upgrade to Big Sur. :frowning: wasn’t able to play the slideshow at the wedding because of this issue. huhuhuhu help, please!