Beta testing iStopMotion for Mac 3.8 and iStopMotion Remote Camera 2.4 on iOS

Dear iStopMotion users,

we are working on an update to iStopMotion for Mac and the iStopMotion Remote Camera that hopefully fixes the connection issues via wifi.

If you want to help us test it, you can download the iStopMotion beta from

The iStopMotion Remote Camera is available by invitation via Apple TestFlight. If you want to help testing, please sign up here:



Hi, are you still working on this i-phone/wifi connection issue? i volunteered for testing the app but haven’t heard much about any progress on your side. Please inform me and your other buyers about when the software will be up and running. We just hope it was worth the money.

Any news? I just bought the app, but if there’s no news about this I want my money back.

Thank you.

Dear Bughi,

Thanks for purchasing!

Release is soon. Sign up for the beta as outlined above if you want early access.

Best, Oliver.

I bought the 3.7 version via the App Store. The connection between my Iphone and my Mac wasn’t working.
Thus, I downloaded the beta version on Mac and IPhone. Now it works. However, the beta version asks me for a license. How can I find my license information?

Just bought on Thursday and am incredibly frustrated by my inability to use the live camera function. I downloaded both the beta update and the TestFlight iPhone app and now the application does, in fact, see my iPhone BUT then crashes immediately as soon as I agree to connect on my phone.

I purchased this software because I needed it for a project this week and am now scrambling trying to figure out an alternative having already spent $50 on this program.

Is there a fix I still don’t know about or am I just left dead in the water here?

version 3.8b2, the Iphone is localized in source but the connection is not stable. Especially, there is always the connection message in the screen of the clip on istop motion “waiting for the distant connection” while the screen of istop camera seems to be operationnal.

how can I get a 3.6 version file to open in the 3.8b?

I did the Beta test. Now I was able to connect the camera but I just could take a few shots with noise and the connection crashed every time and the phone screen got freeze. I have the same problem as TommyKiller, I can’t find my license from my App Store.


version 3.8b2, iStopMotion is able to connect the Iphone/iPad as a source but the screen is noisy.
We can’t take picture seeing nothing :frowning:

where can i get the version 3.8b2?? i just buy it but i can only download the version3.7