Beta iStopMotion Catalina?

We,, are a sort of maker space, loving experiment in hardware and software.
For years we used iStopMotion, until it sort of got canceled by Catalina and Covid19 (due to no workshops).

For the workshops we will use other animation software for the time being. But please can you let us test your Beta’s? In the past I loved to be able to test the beta’s. Would be great I we can test the Catalina verison! :heart_eyes:

Hi @digitalartlab Thanks for reaching out. It is great to hear that you liked iStopMotion. Are you currently using iPads? The reason I ask is, because the next generation of iStopMotion for Mac will be based on iStopMotion for iPad and I would love to know if that would work for you.

Hi @Oliver_Boinx,
We don’t have iPads (yet). Still happy to try within a mac! :slight_smile:
I can actually make more youngsters in the lab to ask to test and report!