Beta 10 - Problems I've encountered & Features I'd like to see

Here’s a few notes of things that I’ve noticed:

  1. Audio Only works on a camera source but cannot pull audio off a video, or play an audio only media type like .mp3 or .wav

  2. Playback on videos is very hit-or-miss. 2/3rds of the time, a video won’t play in the program output. It’s especially bad when loading videos into multiple layers. Sometimes, video playback from a placer layer causes a crash. Tried .mov and .mp4 filetypes.

  3. The Presenter 2D layer works when using cameras as the “B” source, but not when loaded with a video.

That’s what I’ve noticed so far.

Here’s something that I’m sure is being thought of, but want to be sure to express it, in case it’s not: It would be helpful to be able to sort and organize the Sources library. Right now, cameras, pictures, videos, etc all show up there in the order that they were added, and it will quickly become a mess. Having the ability to sort the library to show Video only, or Cameras/ScreenCaptures only, etc would be fantastic!

Thanks so much for your hard work on this! I’m excited for MimoLive and can’t wait to have it become a staple in my workflow! I’ve got two events next year that it will be ideal for!