Best video codec for FM

Are there any recommendations for video codecs to use in Fotomagico to get best performance?
I experimented a lot with different H.264 and Apple ProRes settings, but none of them seems to be really reliable. Even if they play smooth in QT-player.

Can you try to use Apple Intermediate Codec and report back your findings? Apple Intermediate has a very low RAM and CPU footprint.

After my first tests I can say that Apple Intermediate Codec is a really good choice. It has really good start/transition behaviour. It has a slightly better performance than h264. Filesize is also similar. I have to make further tests with various compression datarates.

I’ve tested the following codecs so far (best first):

  • Apple Intermediate Codec 100%
  • h264 100%
  • Apple ProRes Proxy
  • Avid DNxHD 120
  • Photo-Jpg 100%
  • Animation

For the higher bitrate-codecs my harddrive is too slow, they also need to much diskspace.

The most important thing is that the video has the same or an eaven multiplication of the display’s framerate (mostly 60Hz). But I never get a perfect frame synced playback over a longer period (greater 15sec).

@Boinx-Team: will i get better playback performance with my monitor hooked up to a videocard like a blackmagic design intensity?