Best practice to display PPT-slides during live streaming?

Usually, I hook up a HDMI splitter (computer (in) to projector (out) + mimoLive (out)) to get the presenter’s PPT-slides from stage computer, as a source, to mimoLive. But sometimes the splitter malfunctions (maybe because HDCP Digital Content Protection?). So, what is the best plan B then? Take the PPT file and Export to JPEGs and import to a “Source Group” in “Source” and then add a “Placer” in “Layer Stack”? And then control next slide from the setting “Content > Video Source”. The drawback is that you don’t really get a visual feedback from a thumbnail before you switch to the next or any other slide. Yes, you can se them far left in “Sources”, but if you have +50 it is a lot of scrolling when you are busy with all the other things during a live stream session.

@Erik This is an excellent question. You could use the screen/window capture source to capture the PPT output.

Whenever possible, I’ve upgraded to running the projector through mimoLive. This way, you can send the projector content via NDI to your video production system and you have full control of what’s shown on the projector at all times. It’s easy to display sponsor messages, a Twitter wall or schedule information while the speaker sets up.

The signal flow is like this:

Presenter Computer -> HDMI capture device (Magewell HDMI to USB 3) -> Mac with mimoLive -> Full Screen playout -> HDMI -> Projector. At the same time you can send the output via NDI also to a secondary live video production system. Theoretically, you could do this also with two mimoLive documents running on the same computer.

Newtek’s Connect spark/HDMI on stage and bring it in as an NDI source into your computer/mimolive.