Best jpeg eport settings?

What are the best image size settings for a slideshow with pan & zoom transitions for export to DVD to be viewed on a 50" LCD TV? I notice there is a huge difference from the standalone player versions of a slideshow vs. exporting to mp4 or DVD. I am trying to get the absolute best output quality for viewing on a TV. Thanks for any help. Keith

Your 50" TV is very likely a HD TV. So DVD might not be the best option.
Exporting for DVD has it’s own problems, that we described on our website. Please read the following article to understand why the DVD export might not be as great as you expected it to be.

I’d export as a HD Movie and burn it to a Bluray (that requires a bluray burner, Roxio Toast, and a bluray player on your TV). Or If you have an AppleTV, export for AppleTV and play it in 720p.

Thanks Bastian, I will take a look. This helps.