Best API solution for controlling BoinxTV?

I’m building an iPad app that will control parts of our BoinxTV setup over WiFi. I’m still on the drawing board, so I was wondering the best method for remote control. Would it involve AppleScript, a custom Quartz plugin, or a combination?

We use BoinxTV to broadcast local high school football games (see a short clip at We’d like our announcers to be able to call up player stat layers from their booth, which is about a hundred feet away. We have adequate Wifi coverage for a local network to the iPad, but our iPad also has Verizon 3G so we could connect over 3G if necessary.

Matt Baker

Hi Matt,
it depends a little on what you try to control. Specific layers can be controlled if you alter the individual compositions by e.g. adding a QC Plugin.
If the entire app should be controlled you’d need Applescript. Currently we work on Applescript support, at the moment you need you either send keyboard shortcuts or do UI scripting.

BTW: The video is great! The commentary is totally epic!

I’d like to control individual layers’ content, as well as toggling visibility. If this is possible through editing the composition, I’d be happy with that. I’ve not been happy with my previous attempts at UI/keyboard scripting.

We have a small staff running these live broadcasts, but one person is responsible for editing layer content, responding to twitter/facebook (on a separate laptop), and running a second camera. We’d like to offload the layer editing to someone else (we also run commercials during timeouts, and it would be great of the commentators could tap the ipad screen and have boinx start that layer up).

I’m also looking at writing a MIDI/QC controller for our Eridol video switcher to allow BoinxTV to control camera switching, but I havent gotten that far yet. I’ll probably release all of my work open source to allow others to control their layers (and help me out with my code).

So without UI Scripting or sending keyboard shortcuts this is not possible yet. But we are working on that.

Theoretically there are possibilities, but just not (yet) through controlling BoinxTV itself. You can do everything inside Quartz Composer.
You need a custom BoinxTV layer that stays on all the time and gets it’s information through either a QC Plug-In or some other way from the remote iPad.

Also have a look at the “Remote Control” section of this page: where we describe how to used a Nocturn MIDI Controller to control a modified version of the Video Switcher layer.