Basketball Score Keeper layer

Is there a way to change the order of the data in the Basketball Score Keeper layer? Currently when the score is anchored in the top left of the screen it reads, for example, “Rockets 35:28 Bulls”
Perhaps this is an international difference, but in the US scores are typically displayed “Rockets 35 Bulls 28”

Additionally, a feature request for this layer: It would be great in addition to displaying 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters, there was an “OT” option for when games go into overtime.

Finally, I reported this via support email in March of last year (Boinx Reference Number: KR0371250), but it still remains an issue. After setting the score in the preview, the numbers to not translate once you take the layer live. In this sample link, it reverts back to zero. In my production on Tuesday, it just put in other random numbers. So the layer is not reliable enough to use at this point. This problem has been consistent through each of the recent version upgrades since March of '11. Here’s a sample of the issue:

If any other users have come up with a fast and easy scoreboard alternative, I’d love to hear about it. If the fabulous Boinx team can address the issues above, I’d enjoy using that layer.

Thank you!

  1. Displaying the score: You are right, this is a problem of international differences and once we designed the layer we only had the german layout at hand. I’ll take it as a feature request to setup different layouts displaying the score.

  2. Overtime: Thanks for the feature request!

  3. Preview vs. Live: There is a technical problem why the preview don’t reflect the values of the live view and vis versa: There are two instances of the layer, one is rendering the preview view on the left and the other is rendering the live view on the right. Those instances can’t communicate with each other or share values. We have plans to change this but it will take some time. Currently the only way it works correctly is to let the Score Keeper layer always set to “live”.

I’d welcome hearing from other users how they are handling the display of score with their sports productions.

Guys, quartz is a really easy programming (all visual, you don’t need to write a single code line). Just open the layer with quartz composer (reveal on finder on the layer list in boinx) and you can change anything you need: positions, data, colors etc

Hello… I’m checking in on the status of the scorekeeper bug I referenced in this thread and a year and a half ago via email. Will there be a fix for this bug? There was mention of a new implementation for this layer. Can you advise when we may see an update or a bug fix? Thank you.

@altplanet: Currently we are developing an 1.9 update, but this won’t include an update on the problem with counting points when the layer is offline I am afraid.

Thanks, Achim. I will look for some other solution, and welcome feedback from the community as to how they’re handling score updates. Is there an ETA for the 1.9 release? Also, will it possibly be able to preview more than 3 live camera sources?

We are working hard on making BoinxTV MacOS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) compatible. Thats the major work we do for 1.9. Also we removed mostly all JavaScripts used in the layers because they causes lots of crashes. The Video Switcher won’t change thought. Our plan is to release the BoinxTV 1.9 update “later this year”.

Thank you, Achim. I’ll look forward to the new release.

We have a live XML interface for Mac that will send in LIVE REALTIME scoreboard data. Can you show us how to translate our live XML to scoreboard graphics?

@sportzcast‌ You can have a look at the documentation of creating layers for BoinxTV here (includes a short “Getting started with QuartzComposer” tutorial) . Second options is to hire us to create a specific layer for your needs: See “Customizing BoinxTV” section here: . We have great experience in real time data visualization and did already some customer work for sporting events, so you can count on us!