background video vs background jpg image

Is it possible to add an mp4 movie as a background vs just a jpg image? I like to have a background video that I green screen lego mini figs into.

Yes, you can:

  • In your iStopMotion window click on “Compositing” in the lower left corner to show the options for layering your project.
  • In the upper right corner switch to the “Background” tab.
  • Below this button your find a drop down menu where you can choose the “Source” of your background items. Currently it may show “iStopMotion” for the build in once. Now click on it to select “Choose Folder…” in this menu. You will be prompted to select a folder on your hard disk.
  • Find the folder where your background movie is in and select it.
  • After this the background browser should show your movie file as a thumbnail. Select the movie thumbnail and click the “Set as Background” button at the bottom of the browser.
  • Now the movie should be visible in the timeline and in the background of your production.

Next you need to setup the chroma keyer below the background browser. Please be aware that the chroma key is applied to each frame individually and the result can’t be changed once the frame was inserted into the movie.

  • There are several options to adjust the chroma keyer. My favourite is the “Pick Color…” button: It will show the camera in the window and gives you a color picker tool which you simply use to click into the camera view to pick the background color.
  • You can also choose the color with the macOS Color Picker by clicking on the color box right next to label “Color:”
  • In the action gear on the right side you will find an option “Autodetect Color”. Once selected iStopMotion tries to figure out what is the dominant color of your scene and use this as the chromakey color. This works best, if you have only your green screen visible in the camera view.

Finally you can adjust the chroma keyer in the action gear menu item “Advanced Settings” which combines all the options above in one separate window.

Feel free to download a demo version of iStopMotion to test this on your own.

Does this work for you?

I am trying to do the same thing but any video files I try to select are greyed out. What might be the reason for this? Do they need to be any particular format?
Thank you for your help.

Mp4 format including .mov I do it without problems try is successful