Background to slideshow

I want to do the following:
Embed a slideshow on my web site, in 16:9 format, without cropping the photos and without the black bars on the sides.
Can I have a blank slide, filled with the background colour of my website, and lay the photos on top of this? Or can I change the colour of the black bars in FM?
I know I can do this in FCPX, and I could pre-pare all the photos in Photoshop, but it would be nice to do inside FotoMagico 4

In FotoMagico 4, after you create a new slideshow, go to the main menu Slideshow > Settings… and choose either the “Settings” tab where you can set a Background Color, or the “Background” tab where you can load an image from your hard drive. Obviously, if you use the Background tab option to load an image, you could create a large rectangle that has the color that you want to use (basically doing the same thing using the Settings tab and just choosing a color. The “black bars” in FM are just the area of the background that are not being filled by the image that you place (because it was not scaled to fill the entire stage). If you don’t want the black bars, scale the image large enough to fill the stage completely, or scale the image to fit vertically or horizontally and whatever remains will show the background color. If the background color is the same color as your website, then there shouldn’t be any visual distinction between the background of the slideshow and your website behind it.