back camera field of view?

is the back camera always at its widest field of view, i.e.,totally zoomed out? mine doesn’t seem to be (ipad4). is there a way to use the back camera digital zoom from within the istopmotion app? also, i don’t find a focus lock, is there one?

brand new user :slight_smile:

iStopMotion is always working with the widest field of view. However the iPad don’t use the whole video chip when running as video generator as we use it (in opposite to when shooting single photos). Currently there is no way to use the digital zoom function in iStopMotion. However you can lock the focus on a vertain area by clicking on the video settings in the upper right corner. You will get two possible setups which you can toggle on the upper left: Exposure and Focus. For both you can set a certain point on screen to lock them down.

Thanks for the response Achim. That is odd about cropping the sensor for video use, but I suppose Apple has their reasons.