awfull playback of all video


My trial of BoinxTv is nog going well.

I use a macbook pro, two years old.
Following specifications:

MacBookPro10,1 Retina
Processornaam: Intel Core i7
Processorsnelheid: 2,6 GHz
Aantal processors: 1
Totale aantal cores: 4
L2-cache (per core): 256 KB
L3-cache: 6 MB
Geheugen: 16 GB

All software is up to date.

I use my retina screen for the software-screen, an blackmagic studio design for import of one hdmi camera 1080 50i, and connect various screens on the second screen of the hdmi-output of my laptop.
Moostly this will be 1080p. I tested 720p and the problems remained.

The problem:
Never a nice playback on a second screen (the only thing I want it for, live-mixing, no streaming at all). Connected on the hdmi-out.

Always hick-ups, like playing only five frames a second, if the image does not freeze compleetly. Stroboscopic effect.

Or it freezes all other software, the finder,… Beachbal.

The app shows me the skipped frames, and the memory going trough the roof. 80%, 135%, 256% and so on.

I checked all activities, I experimented with al kinds of codecs, compression, file and framesizes, quitting all other programs, checking the state of the OSX with my mac and videospecialist…

He says that maybe I am asking to much, wich I cannot believe after reading this forum.

What else is there to try?

Here you can find the crashrapport:
(copy-paste to browser if needed)

a few things to check…make sure you have FPS set for 60. Also, make sure you are just DISPLAYING on the second screen and NOT RECORDING. Recording takes a huge amount of processor speed and you don’t need the recording. Let me know how that works for you.


Thanks for replying. I did some radical things and playback is not perfect, but allready much improved.

  • I did a clean install of my complete OSX
  • put my gorgeous retina screen in basic resolution
  • forgot the idea of 1080P and converted the whole project to 720P
  • all clips used are converted in QT-player to the apple tv format, which creates decent quality and small-filesized clips that play with much less stutter (m4v or mp4)

The tip you give to use only 60P is much appreciated, because pointing to my last problem.
The camera!

My very old hdmi out Sony HDR-SR7 connected through a hdmi-transmitter-receiver connected to the blackmagic ultra studio express works as a charm.
But newer camera’s like the infamous GoPro, the sony action cam HDR-AS30, JVC GZ-R10, nothing.

I see on the Blackmagic Forum that hdmi and ultra studio are on the verge of a divorce, almost no compatibility :slight_smile:
It’s raining costumers complaints.

So, what camera’s are able to give the ultra design express (or the minirecorder) the hdmi-input it and BoinxTv needs? Those specs are nowhere to be found on the www…


ps I will also post this question separately to reach the whole forum.