AVF Foundation error

This happens after installing my last Fotomagico upgrade 4.4

After a few weeks of hard work I finished an extensive 40 minutes HD slideshow including many soundtracks and many .mov video’s from my camera in fotomagico 4.4. Sharing with Mac’s Standalone works oke, but I would like to play the video on my mediaplayer. So I try to render/share this slideshow to custom with - H.264 - .mov - AAC -. But every time when video rendering is completed and the audio is starting to render, the proces stops and gives this message: AVF FoundationDomain error11800. In tried all the audiofiles to render separately; they’re all valid and do oke. What else can I do ??

with regards Jan Tuijp

Please contact support(at)boinx.com and ask for the procedure to switch on the writing of log files while exporting. Please provide those logs so we can see what happens while the export takes place. Thanks!