auxiliary video outputs

Is it planned to have auxiliary video outputs like for sound, so that you can record or broadcast one of the sources configured in Mimolive?
Thank you

@CINE-ON Thank you for your interest in mimoLive.

Yes, the plan is to be able to choose a source instead of the program out for a destination. No ETA, though.

I definitely second that request. I have the need to have a clean recording of one of the source. But it would also be nice to have a recording from somewhere in the middle of the layer stack, e.g. with the top layers containing the station logos or latest news feeds. So that the recording can be used later again.

@eMilty Thank you for letting us know! In order to record in the middle of the stack, you can use a Syphon Sender layer and set up a second mimoLive document with a Syphon source to record the output at any point in the layer stack. However, Syphon does not transfer audio, for this you will have to use a separate source in the second document.