Autosave not working

I apologize for filling the forum with issues, but now find that I can’t save my progress in Fotomagico. On first start-up, the save feature activated every few minutes as I worked on a show. Two hours later, FM stated it had to quit unexpectedly and gave me an option to save my work in a recovered file. I did so and found that only the very early slides had been saved- two hours of work disappeared. Now autosave does not work at all and I can’t seem to manually save either.

I’ve restarted FM, rebooted, turned off/on autosave (with restarts), still won’t save.

I had exactly the same problem. I also just lost an hours work :(((.
Just bought Fotomagico. Are there any backup files Fotomagico saves automatically?

How can I get the work back Fotomagico saved?

Did someone answer you, jr.?

Please answer! Anybody?

(I am also going to contact support I guess)