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I apologise if this has been spoken about before but i’ve searched these terms online and on the forum and couldn’t find an answer.

Before purchasing BoinxTV (or using the trial) I wondered if someone could tell me about the automation capabilities of BoinxTV?

Would it be possible to queue up a number of pre-recorded .mov files (maybe 20+) and have them play in succession? Or is there a facility to prevent any dead air time (e.g, to failover to a holding card or similar?) I am thinking about online webcasting for an online channel but for it to be 24 hour it would require some kind of automation/playlist capabilities.



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Currently BoinxTV can’t do play lists. You may create a “reference Video” with the old QuickTime Player 7 by adding all your movies together and set the “loop” flag befor saving. With this you can playback an endless loop over the time you aren’t live.

thanks for your help!


Any news about playlists? It shouldt be complicated to make a placeholder to behave like a video playlist, as it allready supports keeping multiple videos. Clicking on button on single item, will play the specified video, otherwise clicking on big live button, all videos in given sequence. I’m sure, it is not complicated to make this kind behaviour. On certain cases this is really important. For example for some kind ads break, etc.

@holyfield: We have it on our long feature wish list in the upper field :wink:


Video playlist can be achieved easily with XML if Quartz layers will play movies imported by using XML Importer and Movie Importer patch. I got it to work in QC, but fails on BTV. BTV wouldn’t play Movie Importer movies, why? Any fix available?

@holyfield: The technical design of BoinxTV lets fail the Movie loader patch to load a QuickTime movie. Currently the only way to playback a movie is to use the “tvIn_VideoSourceAImage” input ( ) and attach the movie in BoinxTV. In addition there wouldn’t be a chance for BoinxTV to grab the audio coming from this movie.

Thx for answer. this kind logic isn’t good at all. Why not to fix it or to provide another way to have video playlists? Lack of video playlists makes app on many cases useless.

What is the current development roadmap, when you plan update app, to provide this feature in your wish list?

Nice to see that Boinx haven’t completely given up on this program.
Streaming without having to use Camtwist & Sunflower seems to be
just about number one on everyone’s wish list.