Can the layers be timed to be live and off at specific intervals. For instance if i want lower thirds, titles, sidebar adds etc to appear at intervals of lets say 5mins, 10mins, 20mins repeatedly without having to manually trigger.

@Tohnnyok Thanks for using mimoLive. Currently, mimoLive doesn’t support timed triggers. However, you could create a script using the HTTP API to trigger layers in a timed fashion. It is on our future roadmap to provide more control features.

Is there a tutorial you recommend to write such a script? I have three titles that need to cycle over and over again every 10 seconds. Currently I have to trigger them live.

Lorcott; you should be able to do this with the Cyclic Sponsor Logos layer.

@“Oliver (Boinx)” where can I find information about the HTTP API?

@chrisis The HTTP Api is documented here:

Jason Jenkins…unfortunately the layers are times and other text. The Cyclic Sponsor layer requires images.