Audio Volume (FM6) not MacOS Volume

For a short time now, I have had the problem that the music is too quiet on FM projects. This also applies to older versions.

I always have to set the sound track above 100%.

What’s wrong? Is it the current version of FotoMagico?


In the lower right corner there is a volume control. This sets the sound regardless of the system volume.

What is the intended purpose of the volume control?

That’s not the case for me. Assuming the Volume control in FM is set all the way to the right, then the sound from FotoMagico plays at the maximum volume as set by my System settings for my Mac. If my Mac volume is set to its max, then FM will play at that maximum volume (then again, it depends on the volume curve set for each track within the slideshow itself). You’re adjusting a percentage of a percentage – if the max volume for your Mac is at 50%, then the volume control in FM can only range from 0 at 0% on the slider to 50 at 100% on the slider.