audio sync problems

Hi all…

I´m using fotomagico 3.8.1 and syncing audio in the slideshow is a nightmare sometimes. Here´s the story: The audio syncing changes (it seems) at random from one playback to another. Many times I start at the beginning of a new section with music and slides, I time it perfect so the music changes with the slides. Then if I don´t start from the beginning of the section, the sync is completely off! Sometimes even starting from the beginning doesn´t help and the music seems to move and relocate by itself! So frustrating! Heeeeelp!



In the current version of FotoMagico the audio and the slides are independently played back thats why you get in trouble trying to match music and slides by a fixed slide timing. A much better approach to this is to use audio markers. You set those markers in the audio option panel and set the “continue at audio marker” option for each slide. With this your audio is triggering the next slide at a precise time.

I’ve tried to use the audio marker approach to synch slides and audio.This cannot possible be a viable workflow…

I’ve got 5-7 minute slideshows with 150-200 slides each. I can’t really try to link each slide to an individual audio marker location, right? Isn’t the whole point of telling FotoMagico how many seconds to play each slide so that you don’t have to set individual audio markers at the slide level?

The puzzling thing is why audio and slides would be “independently played back” as described above. I would have thought the whole point of a slideshow editor that integrates music and images would be to actually make them integrated, rather than independent?

Sorry if I’m missing something. I REALLY want to use FotoMagico as I’ve purchased it to create some projects that are important to me.

But I can’t understand how the inability to sync up audio and visual content within a slideshow is an acceptable limitation for a Slideshow editor program.

@ejm: Please have a look at this thread:

I had already read that thread and had posted above. Thx.