Audio Sync Issues

I am using Boinx on an iMac 27" with the i7 processor. I recently upgraded my camera to the Sony HXR-NX5U HD camera. Using HD/SDI output from the camera I get into Boinx with the AJA ioHD.

With all this high end gear I thought this set up would be a dream. But, unfortunately my audio is out of sync. I would have thought it would be ahead of the video which is easily fixed by delaying it from my digital audio console, but its behind.

The audio could go directly into the AJA and bypass the camera input, but I don’t believe that is my problem. Do you guys have any tips to help?

Don’t really know about that kit, but maybe try taking the audio directly into the AJA just to confirm that it’s not an encoding delay on the camera’s part.

Does your ioHD work latency-free with any other software?

Just to make sure I get it right: the video comes in early instead of the audio?
I don’t know what the ioHD does with the video but as Audio and Video come in through the same SDI connection they should be in sync.
Did you try sending the audio in directly through one of the ioHD audio inputs?

I am having a similar issue however we are bringing in 3 cameras through a Production switcher via firewire to a G5 Intel Mac. Everything looks good with imported video files however the audio on the live feed from the switcher is about 5 frames off. If I transcode the file in Bonix to the Final Cut format I can bring the file into final cut studio and move the audio, however the problem with that is in a complete project the audio coming in from source footage is correct while the live feed is off by the 5 frames and I need to make several audio fixes in a 30 minute program. But the overall problem is the same… audio on firewire is out of sync with incoming live video. It would be nice to be able to offset the audio in Bonix to correct for the timing or video delay.

Otherwise really like the product. HDMI in for iPad 2 is great.

You can set the audio delay in BoinxTV for all audio devices in the BoinxTV preferences.

Initial Testing confirms that this fixed the audio… I think we still may have a firewire issue with stability. We currently have several large hard drives attached via the firewire port as well as the boinx input. I think if we disconnet the firewire hard drives and also shut down any network connections we will probably be up and running. Thanks for the input.

Great. Let us know if it all works.