audio project

I’ve found that for my web-based audio presentations that it is still beneficial to create a “video” consisting of one title image and audio. I then upload to Vimeo and it all works fine.

However, the file seems to be much larger than necessary. (The resulting file for 3 minutes is about 15 Mb, but the audio file itself is about 3 Mb.) Given that the purpose is mainly audio, with one Keynote text image (TIFF), what is the most efficient way to export my final FotoMagico 4 project? I’m assuming it’s using a specific QuickTime setup.

I have good setups in place for regular video presentations I want to create, but this purpose is quite different. Any good suggestions?

In this special case you have to go the hard way of using the QuickTime Sharing option and setup the codec for the exporter yourself. One optimization could be to go with a very low frame rate (e.g. 1 fps). Use a delta compression codec like H264. However Vimeo will process your video anyways to a format that they can serve to their web video player.

Achim: So if I understand you correctly, it doesn’t really matter how I export. If it’s “too big” then Vimeo will convert. If it’s “too small” Vimeo will also convert.

I’ve noticed that my current tests play fine on Vimeo with a moderate speedy wifi connection, so perhaps this is something I don’t really need to worry about.

Yes, as fare as I know all the video platforms are converting the movies to their own data rates and formats.

Makes sense. Thanks.