Audio playback

I’ve been testing out the demo version and considering buying iStopmotion Express, but I am having some issues with sound. The program seems unwilling to play the audio past my captured frames. Therefore, if I haven’t captured any yet, it won’t play the sound at all. It also won’t let me listen to the track frame-by-frame, even if I fill the timeline with captures.
Are there solutions to these problems?

Hello John,

iStopMotion should playback the sound, if you click in the sound track of the timeline. As long as you hold down the mouse button you should hear the sound. Does this work for you?

Ah, I see. Yes, that works, although it’s a little awkward to have to hold down the mouse button, especially if it’s a long clip.
Is it possible to hear the sound frame by frame?

Currently No. You have to place the mouse at the beginning of the frame and hit the mouse button frequently. With this, you can hear the sound for that frame over and over again.