Audio playback problem

I’m doing a stream with a MimoCall and then I switch to a few different prerecorded videos, some are just quick transitions and some are around 2 minutes.
When I’m doing the rundown list and I load the videos and test them they all seem to work, but at the time of the streaming some of the videos don’t have audio.
I’m streaming on Youtube.
Mimo Live 5.6.
Videos are either h.264 or ProRes, but doesn’t seem to make a difference.
OS 10.15.3
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017)

I’m very sorry that you experience this problem. Can you please check if it works for you with mimoLive 5.2.1b2 released today? The audio issues have been addressed and should be fixed.

The audio problems are not solved now they are drawn to the live broadcast this makes people leave the broadcast. How to solve?