Audio not in sync in movies clip after the render the file.

I’m using version Fotomajico 4.6.8. I bought the software 2 weeks ago. Last week i used the software for a wedding. I made a slideshow for the couple. Everything is ok when i check…Photos and the Audio are sync the way i wanted it to be. When I rendered the file and play it… The audio is a bit faster and not sync with the photos. What will I do to fix this problem? Thanks!

I have this problem too… I use Fotomagico 5.

This is a great software but this bug is terrible…

I’m currently experimenting with the version 5 Demo and I also noticed this problem. In preview everything seems fine but once after export, images and sound are shifted by about half a second. I cut precisely to music in my slideshows and could not accept this bug. Has there been any remedy to this issue? For the rest so far, the program seems pretty neat (with a steep learning curve) :wink:

Hello Peter+Oliver,
do you have any feedback about this topic as it seems not to have been replied to since a few months…
Sidney Kapuskar

Please keep in mind that FotoMagico is designed for live presentation on stage. This means that you can pause the slideshow while the music is still playing! This feature sometimes get in the way of linear editing, because if you playing back the show on screen it will have a different timing than while rendering to disk. The only way to match music and slides in a perfect way is to use Audio Markers. They are set up per audio track and they will trigger your “next slide” event precisely. Learn more about this feature in the online help: