Audio Mixing for Mimo

Most of the time I have a real board and an operator, but have a show coming up that will be all remote.

My audio will come in to my control room as NDI embedded ( 6 channels).

What are people using to mix digitally on a Mac?

Hi @Art_Aldrich Since I haven’t yet had the chance to work with something like that I’m curious: Do the 6 channels show up in the source popup in mimoLive?

To a certain extend, you can use mimoLive for audio mixing. The Remote Control Surface has slider controls you can use to control audio.

Yes, the sources show up. I need something more elegant than the built in remote control surface

If I attach my MixPre6ii to the mimo machine via USB, can I send 4 channels out to it from mimo?

Yes. You can use the Audio Mixes to route Audio through Audio Aux outputs to the MixPre. Be careful that you don’t get a knot in the brain, though… Be aware that we’re working on an issue that could cause the Audio mixes to revert to Program Out audio when loading the document. This is fixed in 6.2b1.

Does ML support more than L or R output? I need to send 4 discrete mono channels

Simply assign L and R to discreet mono channels and use 2 Audio Aux outputs with separate Audio Mixes.