Audio Markers

I’m using FotoMagico 4.6.8 and have a Slideshow that has 78 images and 2 soundtracks (consecutively). I’ve completed the slide duration and transitions for every image, and now I want to synch it with the audio.I find the Waveform not useful, so I want to go through my full 8 minute audio track and put in Audio Markers - however I do not want the audio marker to automatically be applied to the images. What I would like to do, (after all markers have been identified), is to look at each image and decide which markers to use and which ones to delete. Is there a way to do this, or are audio markers always applied when they’re identified?

34 views in 4 days - and no even one response??? I thought this was a community. Also impossible to find a link to Boinx to ask for help, except by phone at a cost.
This is by far the worst supported software on my iMac, including very poor documentation.
ProShowGold - where are you for iMac???

When you ask in your last sentence “Is there a way to do this…” (referring to looking at each image and deciding which markers to use), YES there is. Just view your presentation in Timeline mode.

The whole idea of placing audio markers is to help FM identify when to transition to the next slide. And it automatically assigns the Slide option of “Continue: At Audio Marker”. If you want to defeat this on a slide by slide (or marker by marker) basis, you’ll have to manually delete those markers you don’t want (just drag them off the audio track’s timeline). BUT – since FM has already assigned the “Continue: At Audio Marker” option, it will automatically readjust the timings for the slides above it. If you want to defeat those timings as well, you’ll have to manually change the “Continue: At Audio Marker” option to “Continue: After Duration” AND manually adjust the slides duration to match what your intent is.

I can’t seem to find the waveform or put markers on the audio track in v5. I don’t have the pro version. Does someone know if audio markers are only available on pro?