Audio Lag

We’re running a morning news show at a high school and we are having trouble getting the audio to sync. All of our shows are being recorded and shown later that day and every episode we’ve created has the audio coming in faster than the video. We’re using a Line 6 UX2 audio interface connected to 2 wired lav mics. I’ve been trying to adjust the ToneDirect & USV Audio Streaming buffer size but I can’t get the audio to match the video. We’re filming with a Canon Vixia HV40. Any help with this would greatly appreciated.



I am having similar issues. We are converting our analog signal to digital using an ADVC110. I need help with this too.

We have a similar use, being a school news, our problem was that our one camera has the audio and video coming through firewire and that was making the audio lag by 6 seconds in some cases. The longer the recording went the farther off the audio. I do not know if that will help in your situation, but we just split the audio and ran it into the computer via line in. Any ways that’s what solved our problem and I wanted to share that you with you.

I have another topic related to audio getting ahead, but that’s for live production. But someone told me there’s a setting in PREFERENCES and DEVICES that allows you to program in an audio delay up to 2 seconds for each audio device. In my case I’ve got the audio going straight to the sound board and of course is coming out ahead of the video on the screen. The only cure is to run all audio through BOINX, or run a DELAY on the sound board. BUT in either case people who sit close to the stage will notice that the speaker is not in sync – and if they can hear their own voice they might get unnerved and be thrown off from their speech. If its a big enough venue then make sure the stage monitors (the ones pointed at the presenter) are not delayed. I haven’t been able to test this setup so can’t give you a clear answer. But your need is simple by the built in BOINX audio delay setting under PREFERENCES and DEVICES.