Audio issues with Stand alone player on iMac

It’s stange the fotomagical stand alone player version slideshow I created plays fine on my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro but just recently stop playing the audio portion of the slideshow on my iMac (ver. 10.6.7). The photo portion is working correctly. I tried another older slideshow that was playing fine (audio) and it also not producing any sound anymore but showing the photos correctly. What could be the problem?

Is the master volume in FotoMagico set to mute?

The master volume in FotoMagico (lower right corner) is set to full volume. I assume mute would mean the slider is on the left hand side. Again, everything works fine with the stand alone FM version on my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro but not on the iMac (no sound). An older slidershow that was working fine before on the iMac is also not producing sound. Strange!

It’s still possible that master volume is the issue for the standalone player. If you have a scrollwheel on your mouse, scroll up while the slideshow is playing to increase the master volume. On the Magic Mouse just swipe wour finger upwards. Alternatively you could trash the preferences file (~/Library/Preferences/com.boinx.fotomagico.player.plist) to reset the master volume.
If none of these measures fixes the problem, then maybe you have a issue with DRM protected audio and the computer in question isn’t authorized to play the audio?