Audio Issues with Live Output

We are using snow leopard 10.6.8 with BoinxTV 1.8.4. We previously used Visual Communicator 3 on PC and upgraded our studio to BoinxTV on a mid 2011 imac. Our mics feed directly into our camera, which sends audio and video via firewire to mac.
Nine times out of 10, our audio is fine until we use the “option-double arrow” shortcut on the live preview frame to enable live output to our closed circuit TV system.
As soon as we do this, there is a noticible delay between audio and video (lips move but sound is delayed) and the news anchors sound as if they are in a wind tunnel (a lot of echo). Please help! The entire setup works fine UNTIL we enable the live output.

That sounds like the audio is double somewhere. That how I’d do it:

Remove the audio part from all the camera source in BoinxTV. Create a new Audio source and assign the camera audio only here. Now assign that audio source to an audio only layer. Like this, audio will only be routed through this layer and nowhere else.

Thank you for your reply. Before this mornings broadcast I was playing around and turned off sound, then turned it back on - the delays went away. As for the echo, you were 100% correct. The audio was coming in from an “audio only” channel, and a “video” channel. Once I removed the secondary source, the audio echo also disappeared.
Thanks again!