Audio Issue when going to DVD

Hello all.
I have a project I have completed and has about 90 photos and 3 songs on the music track line one after the other. In my project everythign is perfect no audio issue. When I burn it to DVD I the audio tracks end up withj all this scratchy noise at the begining of each song. I am using a new MBP with an i7 processor, and using Toast 10 to burn the disc. Any help is greatly apprieciated, Project is due ASAP.
THanks in advance

Before burning, please find the video file in the finder and open it in Quicktime player. Please check if the noises are present too.

Thank you for getting back to me. I have all the photos on an external drive, and the music is coming directly off the internal drive. Would that be a cause? Also to confirm I am looking in finder under the project name for this qt file correct?

yes the noises are still present on the qt file… any suggestions?

That tells us that it is not Toast that messes this up, good (in a way). Can you please do another export (whatever you want, e.g. web) and see if that file has the same issues?

Have you converted your audio track as an AIFF or ACC file?
These formats tend to play better.

i have been using aif files. Is there a big difference? Sorry for my ignorance…

AIFF files are uncompressed and might cause less trouble in an encoder.

I have the same problems. Before exporting the sound is fine. After export for DVD when viewed in Quicktime player the audio is scratchy at the audio transitions. I used AIFF files.