audio files not playing right

So I am trying this software and when it’s done exporting to IDVD, I get a warning that the music won’t play on un-authorized machines. What does that mean. I want to burn it to DVD and play from a laptop at a party. Also when I try to preview in IDVD, if I skip forward to hear the music with the photos, no music plays. If I start at beginning the first song plays?? Also, the picture are in order with one exception, the very last photo comes up first (and doesn’t stay up long) then the slide show starts… I am getting frustated. I don’t mind buying the regular version, but not if I will have these issues??

Hello Jules,

I am sorry that you have trouble using music from your iTunes library. The problem is, that this music you purchased, is DRM protected ( and therefor can not be played on other devices than your computer. Anyways, do you have the chance to play back the slideshow directly with PhotoPresenter and your own computer? This will give you the best playback quality in terms of resolution and frame rate. As you may know: rendering a DVD is of poor quality because of the small pixel resolution.