Audio Delay

Hey there,

I am having a bad audio delay problem. Our audio flows from the mic to a board into a camera. When listening and watching on the camera, the audio is matched. We have the camera running SDI to a black magic box, which goes thunderbolt into the computer (mac). The video is fine, but the audio (from the same source) is on 1-2 second delay. Checked the device preferences and it has no delay. I’ve also tried resetting the source to no avail. Any advice would be appreciated.

We also had this sometimes with BMD capoture devices. Most of the time this can be solved by quitting BoinxTV, unplugging and re-plugging the BMD box and starting BoinxTV again. Most of the time, BoinxTV gets the already delayed audio stream.

what version of OS X are you using? I’ve seen latency issues in BoinxTV as well. Reboots & replugging the cards in does not resolve the issue. I can use Quicktime, BMD Media Express & even Wirecast (trial version) & do not see any delay issues. I only see it in BoinxTV. I’m running OS X 10.10.2 & BTV 1.9.11

A couple of workarounds is using a different audio capture or looping the analog audio output of the capture card into the line in port on your Mac (If you have one), set up a new sound source in BTV & add it to a new audio layer in your show. I hooked the audio out from the BMD card into channel 1 of my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 & I’m seeing audio synced up now. The one issue I have with my Scarlett is the way that it’s hooked up & the way BoinxTV captures audio, I get system audio on left speaker & mic audio from the right speaker, so I’ll have to mix that later in Final Cut or similar NLE.

We have the same issue, sound delay when we take SDI embedded through BM ultrastudio 4K or BM mini recorder. With the ultrastudio we go sound in analoog by XLR and for the BM mini we use the Sound devices Mix-Pre connected by usb as sound card. Than we get’s everything in sync. I’m sure it’s a problem in Boinxtv