Audio delay

I have two seconds delayed audio, and I find no solution.

SDI signal (audio and video) into MacBookPro (with 2 GB VRAM) with Blackmagic Design Ultra Studio Mini Recorder. I have chosen 48,000 Hz audio input and 48,000 Hz audio output (Audio / Midi Setup). We have an audio mixer where we send audio to the camera, and then through BoinxTV via Mini Recorder. The output signal (video and audio) goes via HDMI to a HDMI to SDI converter, and then to streaming.

What can I do with the delay of the audio?

please go to the BoinxTV preferences and check under the devices tab is there is audio delay set up for the audio device you are using. If so, please set it to 0.

If it already is set to 0 please re-select the device in the source (bottom right in the sources panel). That normally resets the driver and syncs audio and video.