Audio delay in announcer headsets

When we route the audio from BoinxTV out through the headphone jack on the MacPro, our play-by-play announcers complain of a delay in the audio in their headsets. What they say is about a second behind when they hear it in their headsets. It’s very distracting and very difficult to talk with this delay in their ears. They have removed their headsets, but then they are unable to hear any video playback or other audio sources routed through BoinxTV. We have tried bringing their mics in via mixer and line in ports as well as sending the mics through the cameras and bringing them in via the DV signal. Is there any solution to dealing with this delay within BoinxTV? Have others experienced this and found a work around? We would welcome any advice.

If you work with DV there is a delay due to the fact that the DV stream needs to be compressed in the camera and be decompressed in the computer. This is probably where the main delay comes from. There is also a bit of added delay as BoinxTV needs to process the audio data. There is no real way around this, I am sorry.

I use a Matrox MXO2 Mini to pull in either HDMI or Component 1080i & a Yeti USB mic. I only have to delay the audio about 0.35 secs. Then I use the live audio preview in BTV & LineIn (free app) to pass thru my other audio sources coming in so I can hear it all in my headphones. You need a touch of delay otherwise if the mic ever picks up the headset, it will feedback.

About all you can do is try to get the headsets as direct, analog feed as possible.